The Portside Youth Competition Access Fund aims to support young Portside climbers’ access to the competition circuit both nationally and internationally. 100% of your donation will go towards this goal with all associated administrative labour being undertaken by volunteers!


The fund will have two main sources of income:

  1. Donations made to Portside Boulders by members/casuals during various competition and/or fund raising events.

  2. Donations made by members, casual climbers or other people to the fund directly.

If you are interested in supporting the fund, either by donating a one-off sum by clicking the “Donate” button below or by making regular transfers please do so by transferring funds to the following bank account:

Account Name: RB Climbing Pty Ltd

Account BSB: 306-048

Account Number: 0958427


Current Account Balance (as of 11/02/2019): $802


  • Public donations and monies will be held in an independent bank account reserved solely for this fund.

  • Bank statements will be made fully available for transparency, on request.

  • Funds will be used to finance flights, accommodation and miscellaneous competition expenses such as registration fees.

  • In the event that we receive no eligible applicants, funds remain in the trust account for the following round of applications.

  • The executors of the fund reserve the right to decide the proportion of available funds to be allocated for each round of applications. This is to ensure future applicants will not be disadvantaged.

  • The executors of the fund are operating on a voluntary basis. 100% of fund raised will go directly to young climbers in need.


Eligibility for fund access is limited to climbers who:

  1. Hold a current Portside Boulders membership (term Youth Club and Youth Squad memberships included),

  2. Intend to register for and compete in a Sports Climbing Australia or International Federation of Sport Climbing competition (any category),

  3. Are 17 years of age or under at the time of application, and

  4. Main carer(s) / provider(s) hold, or are eligible for, the low income health care card (click here to check eligibility) OR has special circumstances which should be considered.

Please see link below for documentation outlining the selection process. The document should outline clearly which Category Form you will need to complete.