Kids are natural climbers and love bouldering as much as the rest of us. Bouldering provides a physical and mental challenge in fun environment however it can also be dangerous and risky if proper safety guidelines and etiquette are not followed.

Highly attentive adult supervision is therefore crucial for the safety of youth and other climbers. Please familiarise yourself with the below safety information for youth climbers before bouldering at Portside.

Youth 15 and younger must be ACTIVELY SUPERVISED by an adult at all times until management are satisfied they understand and adhere to Portside's safety guidelines and bouldering etiquette.

ACTIVE SUPERVISION at Portside means 'within arms reach or within a few steps away'. It is also imperative that no running, cartwheels or similar types of activities be undertaken by the child in the climbing area (or adult for that matter) as it significantly increases the risks of injury.

One adult may not be responsible for more than 2 youth (15 and under).

Before climbing, participants under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

A separate waiver will need to be filled out for each climber. Save time and paper by completing the waiver (link below) before your visit, just let us know on arrival at Portside that you have pre-filled a waiver.


Unfortunately our facility is not suitable for birthday parties and we therefore do not allow them at Portside. If you have a group of children who you would like to bring to Portside, please contact the facility manager at Please note that we consider a group to be more than four (4) children. We reserve the right to refuse entry to your groupif you arrive without prior notice.